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Strategically situated on the West Coast of India on the Arabian Sea, Mumbai has always attracted the attention of maritime powers and seafaring nations. Since the eighteenth century, international trading communities have made use of Mumbai's excellent natural harbor.

Transatlantic Shipmanagement Ltd. (TASM) located at Mumbai has modernized and adapted to the requirements of a changing clientele, Through its vast experience, TASM offers the widest selection of stores at the most competitive prices within the shortest time possible. Transatlantic Shipmanagement Ltd. (TASM) is also the associate member of Ship Supply Association (ISSA),

It can supply ships and offshore installation with :

  • Deck & Engine Stores
  • Best Quality Food Items
  • Cabin & medical stores
  • Bonded stores & Crew Gifts
  • Owner's spares parts held in Bonded stores awaiting arrival.

The good reputation that TASM enjoys, is due to its customer service and efficiency in the ship supplies business has been extended to offshore shipping companies.

Off-port Limits Supplies
Another specialized service that TASM provides the OFF-PORT LIMITS SUPPLIES FACILITY.
Ships that are en-route in Arabian Sea via Mumbai can use our off-ports limits supply service to ensures minimum deviation and a fast turn around.

Experience in this field enable TASM to offer a swift handling of stores to avoid excessive loss of time. All ships stores can be provided through this service. Bunkering and water supply operations are handled by specific barges, whilst over all operations can be handled by supply vessels.

This supply service can most feasibly be acquired while the ships is having its crew charge, medical attention, tanker, barge service and minor repair outside the port.

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