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     Steamer, Agents & Agencies

TASM representing the interest of some of the worlds major fleet officer the full range of services required by ships and ship owners, whatever size or type of vessel may be calling at Mumbai.TASM'S prime objectives are to provide efficient and personalized service, prompt attendance , quick turns around, as well as accurate and frequent communication with the principals providing essential information.

A Wealth of services offered
The company can provide a full complements of services any ship owners, operator or individual vessels could require.

  • Ship Agency
  • Bunker supplies
  • Sale and purchase
  • Liner freight sales
  • Crew change

TASM handles all aspects of agency services, including liaison with the shippers and receivers agents for stevedoring, tallying and supervision, container control, local transportation and cargo claims handling, crew change, arrangement of bunkers and provisions, clearance and delivery of stores are also part of TASM's services.

TASM's Bunkering division cater supplies of bunkers and lubricants within the Mumbai and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust limits. It is an integral part of the services of TASM to guide the owners on fuel economy and advice on the possible ways of cutting fuel consumption and the running cost of the vessel.

TASM is active in selling and purchasing though a network of well established contacts. TASM has been involved in a number of sale and purchase transactions for quite some time . TASM'S own brokers have a decades of experience in the trade and have developed extensive contacts.

TASM'S can also act as a cargo consolidator by arranging liner freights sales both container and conventional.

TASM can arrange the selection of crew/officers with the assistance of our Marine Superintendent / Supervisor whenever the crew is required to be sign on / off as per the principals request, inside or outside the harbour including repatriation.



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