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Manning & Recruitment Division

Being a one stop provider of crew management services,the following activities form an integral part of our services.


  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Documentation and pre-joining briefing
  • Crew travel arrangement
  • Onboard coordination for all crew movement
  • Effective crew planning
  • Computerized crew administration program
  • Client service level agreements
  • P & I coordination and claims handling
  • General and special training
  • Officer's seminars
  • Cadet arrangements
  • Crew Accounting & Portage bill
  • Annual payroll Budgets.
  • Reporting and Statistics.

The key to attracting and retaining a motivated crew is our unique career building program which is linked to training in addition to regular performance appraisals, we discuss and plan their advancements and carrier path. With their goals and rewards clearly defined, our crew knows their future is in safe hands at TASM.
Our maintenance work is a continuous and well planned activity carried out by the crew during sailing . The planning is done by the Superintendent and the vessel's senior officers. It is followed up in weekly, monthly and quarterly meeting on board, and our superintendent follows up with random inspections at least twice a year. So there is less work to be carried out during dry docking.
Few factors have affected shipping so negatively as the shortage and lack of experienced seafarers. Our ongoing ship cadet program is looking to offer our clients a continues supply of competent seafarers. Cadet activity in both vessel maintenance and daily work routines onboard increases operational efficiency and thereby financial saving for owners. This is loyalty in every respect which directly benefit our client.

Training is the need of the industry as per the need Transatlantic Shipmanagement Ltd. has taken the initiative by having establish an unique training facilities which is open to maritime fraternity internationally.
The International Institute of Maritime Studies was established to train seafarers with thorough knowledge in theoretical as well as operational practice

Visit International Institute of Maritime studies at web site:


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