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Update News

1. UAE vessel seized by pirates

SOMALI Pirates have seized the general cargo ship Al Mezaan, reports the NATO Shipping Centre. The vessel was seized on Saturday a mere 11 miles off the coast of Somalia. The vessel is said to be 'dead in the water' 3.6n-miles off the coast of Somalia. It was bound for Mogadishu when it was seized.

The vessel has one skiff in tow and two skiffs on the upper deck along with several mini vans and cars. The Al Mezaan is a 1979 built, 2,886dwt vessel under the Panamanian flag. It is owned, managed and operated by Biyat International of the United Arab Emirates.

2. Pirates hijack British bulker

Bulker hijacked off the Seychelles
A BRITISH-owned bulker carrying 35,000 tonnes of soya has been hijacked off the Seychelles.

The vessel was taken at first light on Saturday about 250n-miles southwest of the Seychelles and the crew is believed to be unhurt. Another vessel was attacked earlier during the hours of darkness.

3. Pirates hijack UK-owned ship in Indian Ocean

The UK cargo ship, the MV Ariana, was carrying 35,000 tons of soya about 250 nautical miles (287 miles) northwest of the Seychelles when it was seized around dawn.

The crew members are Ukrainians and they are not believed to harmed, NATO said. It is unclear how many crew members were aboard the vessel and how it came to be attacked. NATO said it was unaware of ransom demands or any threats against those aboard.

NATO said a European Union Protection Aircraft has been deployed to monitor and track the MV Ariana, which is making its way toward Somalia -- the epicenter of the pirate industry.

The Seychelles is a republic consisting of a group of islands off East Africa.

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